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New York Times Critic's Pick
by A.O. Scott
"An impressive achievement."
Don’t Blink — Robert Frank,’ a Portrait of a Quintessential New York Artist

LA Times
"Rather than being a film about an artist, it's an attempt to show us what it's like to actually be an artist."
'Don't Blink — Robert Frank' profiles one of America's most iconic, idiosyncratic photographers by Kenneth Turan

Tribeca Film
"Overwhelming in the best possible way."
DON'T BLINK - ROBERT FRANK is One of the Most Original Art Documentaries in Years by Mathew Eng

New Yorker
A Mesmerizing Marathon of Robert Frank’s Movies - The New Yorker by Nicholas Dawidoff

Film Stage
"Enthusiastic, excited, and earthy celebration of artistic creation and the life that makes it inevitable."
[Review] Don’t Blink – Robert Frank by Jacob Olier

Village Voice
"Beautiful reminiscences about the Beats, Bleecker Street, and winters in Nova Scotia"
'Don’t Blink' Turns the Lens on Photographer Robert Frank | Village Voice by Alan Scherstuhl

"As original and singular as any documentary you'll see this year."
Joshua Reviews Laura Israel's Don't Blink - Robert Frank

Brooklyn Magazine:
"Admirably true to the spirit of its subject."
'Don't Blink', a Portrait of Robert Frank

Interview with Laura Israel
A New Documentary Turns the Lens on Robert Frank

Hollywood Soapbox:
"One of the best films of 2016."
REVIEW: ‘Don’t Blink — Robert Frank’ profiles influential photographer from Beat Generation –

Stranger Than Fiction:
Monday Memo: Emmy Nominees Announced, Locarno Lineup Released | Stranger than Fiction

Ted Hicks:
"Basically, I loved it!"
“Be curious. Stand up. Keep your eyes open. Don’t blink.” – Robert Frank

The Creators Project:
"Poignant storytelling"
‘Don’t Blink’ on the New Robert Frank Documentary | The Creators Project

Film Monthly
"An intimate and fascinating examination of renowned artist Robert Frank"
Don’t Blink: An Interview With Laura Israel : FilmMonthly by Mathew Vasiliauskas

Interview Magazine
Laura Israel talks about opening up the press-adverse artist to agreeing to be filmed.
Filming Robert Frank - Interview Magazine by Colleen Kelsey

Non Fiction Film:
Matthew Carey Interviews director Laura Israel about Robert Frank and Don't Blink- Robert Frank at Berlinale
Berlin dispatch: festival premieres doc on legendary photographer/ filmmaker Robert Frank, February 20, 2016

Film Comment:
Top 10 Films of 2015 - one of the most comprehensive year-end lists.  Over 100 critics, journalists, editors, contributors polled.  On the list of top ten unreleased films of the year.
Best of 2015
One of Amy Taubin’s Top 10 films of the year. By Amy Taubin, December 2015
Art Slant:
“It’s probably the best portrait ever made of Frank that isn’t made by himself.”
America Without the Dream but with Compassion By Edo Dijksterhuis
Wall Street Journal:
“One of the world’s greatest living photographers comes out of hiding in a new documentary, one that offers unexpected exposure to an artist rarely seen on the other side of the camera.”
Iconoclastic Artists Get Their Closeup at the New York Film Festival By Steve Dollar  October 4, 2015
“Revealing without divulging, daring, blurred and human, Don’t Blink is a survivor’s necklace strung with gems and stones from a lifetime of artistry on the outer verges.”
Laura Israel on ‘Don’t Blink: Robert Frank’ and Subject Matter Dictating Documentary Form by Jamie Maleszka  October 14, 2015
“Like the work it illuminates, the doc feels formally impeccable yet utterly unstaged, a vivid distillation of a distinct and precious life.”
Don’t Blink: Robert Frank  by Elsie Nakhnikan October 2, 2015
Hollywood Reporter:
“A provocative portrait of its equally provocative subject…. the film vividly conveys his artistic spirit, defiant iconoclasm and lifelong aversion to compromise.”
'Don't Blink: Robert Frank': NYFF Review By Frank Schenck, October 5, 2015
“Don’t Blink is biographical portraiture re-visualized as living and breathing collage, comprised of artistic watersheds and personal crossroads, all the while twisting and spreading itself so as to capture as much of life as its towering subject so indelibly encapsulates.”
The Best of Women-Directed Films at the 2015 New York Film Festival By Matthew Eng October 9th, 2015
American Photo:
“This is Robert Frank the funny guy, the experimental filmmaker, the fan of the ’60s Beat scene. What also emerges is Frank’s embrace of creative work as the antidote to personal tragedy.”
Recontextualizing Robert Frank By Judy Gelman Myers, October 6, 2015


""Laura Israel’s documentary may not redefine Robert Frank, exactly, but it recontextualizes those iconic photographs in the greater narrative of a large, risky, and purposefully imperfect career, and for that it is rich viewing."

A New Documentary About Robert Frank Goes Beyond The Americans By Rebecca Bengal, September 27, 2015